dublin irish fest 2009

and as another weekend of the dublin irish fest has come and gone, and i try to wrap my head around all the fun things and amazing music (and musicians) that happened ย over the weekend, i will try to put it all down in a few words. when dave and i got down there, the first band up was the screaming orphans (i just love that name!). when the 4 sisters get an audience going, they are incredibly fun to watch (and are extremely nice, too!) next up was scythian. i swear, if you could find some way to collect the energy they generate, there would be no use for nuclear power! these guys can get a crowd going something fierce! and throw in that pink sweater (those of you who were there know what i mean) and they just set the fashion world afire, too! ๐Ÿ™‚ scythian also had an amazing knack for bringing out the photographers! (and some damn good ones, too!!!

dsc_9201 dsc_9165 moya brennan interviews screaming orphans dsc_9248 dsc_9234




dsc_9257 dsc_9264 dsc_9301

next up, the prodigals, always a crowd favorite, kept the pace at a great clip, and had one of the better light shows that i have seen in the few years that i have been coming to this festival. gregory and the boys kept things moving along like a downhill car with no brakes. by the time gaelic storm hit the stage the crowd was worked up into a fevered pitch that you almost could not hear yourself think. gaelic storm played on the main stage this year, as they were only doing one night (before leaving for IOWA!), so imagine our surprise to find them at the bar at the end of the evening!!

dsc_9331 dsc_9342 dsc_0061 dsc_9421 dsc_9466

dsc_9475 dsc_9552 dsc_9568

Day 2 (Saturday)

definitely a take to take the morning easy, i finally strolled over to the festival mid afternoon to catch a great set by the young dubliners (but, then again, how could it not be a great set!) personally, i get the double bonus of them being very photogenic (evidence below and via links). after their set, it was nice hanging with jada and her bundle of joy (with hair on his head that most guys are VERY jealous of!) then i wandered over to catch a VERY pleasant surprise of the songwriters circle with gregory grene and dave fahey of the prodigals. (i say very pleasantly surprised, because it was great hearing the stories BEHIND the music!)

dsc_9727 dsc_9835 dsc_9733 dsc_9795 dsc_9659

dsc_9624 dsc_9654 dsc_9858 dsc_9871 dsc_9936

later in the evening, scythian wound up the crowd again, to have the prodigals bring saturday night to a great finish (at least at the festival site). NOW, onto the bar scene… TWO WORDS… JOEY KNUCKLES!!!! this was then followed by keith knuckles, so that by the end of the night, almost everybody had one name or the other across their knuckles. did we mention this was in a BAR????


Day 3 (Sunday)

okay, time to hit the great bands that i have been hearing of, but have not had a chance to see. first up, salsa celtica, a 13-piece band combining salsa and celtic music (nothing quite like conga drums horns, & a banjo!) these guys ROCKED! everything i had been hearing over the weekend was true! what was even more amazing, was that they had a fill-in violinist (daire from the band slide) who spent over 3 hours learning salsa celtica’s songs! then it was over to the stage to see another great band, slide! I don’t know how daire was able to go through ANOTHER set, but boy did he. these guys were fantastic (i’m sure aided by their really nice sound-person, chloe ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

dsc_0117 dsc_0142 dsc_0273 dsc_0241 dsc_0311

dsc_0305 dsc_0259

next up for me, la bottine souriante, the other band i had been hearing great things about. well, they lived up to the hype, too, doing a great set led by the amazingly personable benoit borque and sandy silvia on “percussive dance”

dsc_0356 dsc_0390 dsc_0502

for the finale, having bands with such unique backgrounds (and not all had truly “irish” in them) a little effort was needed in coming up with a song that would work for everybody. after a little work, “tell me ma” was settled on for the finale, to bring a great close to another amazing event.

dsc_0552 dsc_0637 dsc_0621 dsc_0620

for pictures from friday, go HERE

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  1. Mark: Love the photos and your perspective of the fest! I was at the fest such a short time it is nice to see all the extras that I missed. Would love to hear some of the behind the music stories if you remember any of them. Your use of light in many of the shots is really impressive! I was glad to see you briefly at the fest when I did, hope to see you with your camera soon. Rebecca

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