Philadelphia to Albuquerque Road Trip

What was supposed to be a few days work in Washington, DC then a few days in each Salt Lake City AND San Francisco morphed into 8 days in Philly, and 10 days in Albuquerque (with a 2,076 mile drive from Philly to ABQ because of insane airfares AND lack of potential rental cars in ABQ), I once again got to drive a good chunk of the Old Route 66 (now mostly Route 40).

After my time in ABQ, my last stop was way South in NM (Las Cruces to be exact – which is 2 miles from the Texas border). heading home directly from there took me through Alamagordo (Nuclear Missle test site), White Sands National Monument (really WHITE, and 106 degrees, or I would have been climbing up and down the sand hills that people were sledding on) and Roswell, NM, that had one of the most interesting McDonald’s ever (looks like a space ship with aliens standing around the building).

Total trip: 22 days and close to 6,000 miles!

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