milwaukee irish fest 2010

after having been to the dublin irish fest in dublin, ohio (which gets over 105,000 people over 3 days) one would have THOUGHT i would have bee semi-prepared for the size and scope of the milwaukee irish fest! guess again! this festival is THE largest irish fest in the WORLD, reaching numbers of 200,000 over 4 days!

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the festival is very nice as all of the stages are isolated from each other (so music doesn’t spill over) and very weel organized! but those are not what draw so many to this event. it is THE AMAZING lineup of musicians! this year the line-up ran from the different drums of ireland (which i missed and regretted having done soafter what i heard!), gaelic storm (who ALWAYS pake the stage they play), scythian (who RETIRED the famous pink sweater), the screaming orphans (ALWAYS great fun to see), the amazing band slide, along with some new ones to me including the red hot chili pipers (yes, you read that right – NOT peppers).

the hotel party was especially good, and can’t wait for the 2011 version! for more of the photos, look HERE

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